Vizio Announces All-in-One PC, Tablet, Laptops, And….?

Exactly as rumored before the start of CES, TV turned tablet maker Vizio announces their new line up, which includes the all-in-one PC.

Where form meets function, we can now have a computer that’s just like us. That’s how Vizio is touting their iMac-like personal computer, stylish and minimalist. While the computer looks great, there is no word on specifications, or screen sizes (we’ve seen 24″ and 27″ mentioned), but there is a vague release window of spring.

Also announced but scarce on details is Vizio’s new 10″ M-series tablet. At this stage in the game a dual-core is given, though a quad-core would be preferred. Ditto for Android 4.0.

Finally, a pair of laptops (14″ & 15.6″) round out Vizio’s new “hobby”. As you can see, specs are in short supply. We’ll work on getting more concrete info and images in the coming days as we go hands-on.

In the meantime, continue inside to see video’s of the new device(s).


  • Source Vizio