We Hate Tangled Wires. Can The CordCruncher Help?

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or marathon runner, chances are you’ve wasted a good amount of your day untangling headphone/earphone wires after putting them in your pocket, bag or purse. There are a number of small gadgets and accessories built with the sole purpose of making storing headphones a much simpler affair. But all too often the accessories in question are mildly helpful at best.

Can the CordCruncher headphones do any better? They certainly look cool. But if you take a couple minutes to watch the demo video, you’ll see that not only does it look good, but it appears to be rather functional and versatile as well. My only reservation is that the CordCruncher is an actual pair of headphones and not a an accessory to go along with an existing pair of headphones — something that’s going to turn off a lot of potential buyers.

I’m pretty picky with audio and can almost guarantee that the $20 asking price won’t come with sound quality that is anywhere close to the half-dozen ear-buds/headphones I’ve acquired over the last few years. Still, for a pair of earbuds to use out in the yard, on the boat, on a run, etc., maybe they’re worth a look. You be the judge.

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Video 1 – Demo/How-To

Video 2 – Promo Video