When 20GB of RAM just isn’t enough…

With the ever shrinking sizes and increasing sizes of memory chips, storage (especially flash or solid state) is growing in exponentially at a rather rapid pace.  Dell is pushing past other vendors and releasing an updated Studio XPS 435 with a whopping 24GB of RAM!  Also of note is that you can configure up to 4.5TB of storage.  So if you are a heavy, and I mean heavy graphic artist, HD video editor, etc, the studio XPS 435 definitely looks as if it has the right ingredients to be a beast of a machine.  Other handy features are an mp3 player “cradle” scalloped into the top of the case.  Basically it’s a recessed part of the case forming a bowl if you will while including several USB ports and some headphone ports right on the edge of the bowl.  Intel’s i7 chips are the heart of the Studio’s operation coming in clock speeds from 2.66GHz up to 3.2GHz giving you the brute speed you need.  Rounding out the rather eye raising feature set is ATI’s Radeon HD 4870 video card with 1GB of memory making it a decent gaming rig as well.  This little thing is just turning out to be a jack of all trades.  Of course, Blue-ray, Wi-Fi, and Sound Blaster extras are available for purchase for the hi-def freedom roaming cord haters.  Of course everything mentioned above is “optional” and will raise the base price considerably.  Speaking of that, the “base” model will come in at a fairly reasonable $1,500.  If you’re purely interested in that 24GB of RAM, be ready to set down another $1,500 for the privillage.  Faster processor, bigger hard drive, etc will only make matters worse for your wallet.  So if the Studio XPS 435 is making your mouth water you might want to stop by the product page and get to know it a little better.  If you’re a vain person motivated by beauty and looks alone, step inside and give the rig a looksie before getting in too deep.


Source: Electronista

  • Gib

    Wow that’s just insane….ly cool!