When will it stop: Best Buy to enter Android app store scene?

  • October 11, 2010 9:33 am

I agree wholeheartedly that choice is the best thing to have and leave up to the customer. For as awesome as many aspects of iOS are, there are plenty of downfalls — namely the overly closed nature of the platform. Android’s openness on the other hand is equally as awesome though has several caveats of its own. One of the biggest flaws with the “do what you want with it” approach is that it allows carriers and other 3rd parties to actually lock down the platform and restrict innovation and openness. With that said, the Android platform is getting increasingly crowded these days with 3rd party app stores. The most notable of which are the upcoming Verizon Wireless and Amazon branded stores. And yes, we have another one on the way — Best Buy.

Chief Executive Officer, Brian Dunn has stated that after seeing the possibilities that other 3rd parties are tapping in to, marketing and launching a Best Buy-branded offering could be in the cards. The big “IF” for the moment is that this whole Best Buy Android App Store is at its very most basic concept stages with “no immediate plans to offer an app store”.

Thank god. Brian, I’ll give you a helpful hint — Don’t. Android doesn’t need 30 different app stores. It may seem great at first, having many different outlets for consumers to go to. But in the end it only creates more headaches. On the developers side, there will be multiple merchant/seller agreements and ToS to deal with. On the consumer side it’s even worse — new app stores popping up all over the place create a very fragmented platform where some stores have one thing and different stores have another. Head a few years into the future and you’re looking at the very reasons Windows Mobile bit the dust and tanked in popularity in it’s later years — it was a fragmented mess.

Being that I paid a solid year of my time to the Android platform (and love it overall), it would be a shame to see Android continue down this path. But that’s how it appears to be going, with comments from Google CEO Eric Schmidt not offering up any hope — He and Google don’t want to and won’t touch Android or prevent carriers and other 3rd parties from having their way with it.

In the open vs. closed debate, you have to give and take. In Android’s case, it’s giving the power to the wrong people. Where will it leave consumers?

So for now, Mr. Dunn, I urge you to keep that Best Buy app store solely in the concept stage. Don’t feed it. Don’t water it. And please for the love of everything holy, don’t let it out.

Source: FireceDeveloper
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