WiFi And Now 4G LTE Issues? Is Your New iPad Acting A Bit Flaky?

Over the last week/week and a half we’ve seen various reports of new iPad owners complaining that WiFi reception was less than stellar. It’s bad enough that Apple has instructed their retail stores to simply replace them when a customer comes in with an affected model. And now new reports are cropping up saying the 4G LTE on cellular models is also causing grief.

A thread in the Apple Support Forums details an issue with the new iPad where the device fails to properly reconnect or hold onto an LTE signal, and instead rolls over to much slower 3G. The issue is reportedly specific to the new iPad, and no amount of resetting the SIM card, network settings or power cycling permanently helps. A user by the name of “NewForce” says they have to power cycle their iPad between three and five times per day to get onto and keep an LTE signal.

The issue seems to be less of an issue here in the States, though is global in nature with users from Austria, Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, and the U.K. For what it’s worth, the user mentioned above speculates it is either a specific issue with iOS 5.1 on the new iPad or the Qualcomm chip Apple is using — the latter of which would be a major issue if it isn’t something that could be remedied with a software alteration/patch.

Any GS readers with new iPads seeing either the WiFI or 4G LTE issues mentioned above?

Via: AppleInsider