Will Unlimited Data For LTE iPhone Make You Jump Ship To Sprint?

With the release of the LTE-quipped third-generation iPad in our rearview mirrors, the only thing left in our headlights is what the iPhone will be packing. The iPhone 4S was left 4G-less, so we know it is a matter of time before we see LTE atop our iPhone’s screen.

When October 2011 rolled around, rumors were laid to rest when Sprint would finally offer Apple’s sexy little handset. The kicker though, Sprint was to offer their highly popular unlimited plans for the iPhone. With AT&T showing positive numbers with the release, Sprint faced heavy losses. But that didn’t mean people didn’t subscribe to the Nation’s 3rd largest wireless carrier. They were able to hand off 1.5 iPhones during the 1st quarter of 2012. People aren’t necessarily running to Verizon and AT&T, they are staying true to their Sprinty roots.

Sprint is obviously attracting new customers with so many new subscriptions and sales. Negative sales or not, people are heading their way. And what sets them apart, is their oh-so-tantalizing unlimited plans. Now, I would never consider going the way of the Sprint, just because of past experience, but that unlimited plan really stood out to me. Luckily I was grandfathered in on AT&T, so it isn’t a problem. But for most, their reasonable price for a great set of benefits is something worthy of a note.

With the iPhone historically being launched either this June or this October, CEO Dan Hesse is confident they will not only receive the handset at the same time as the other two carriers, but will also not see a change to their unlimited plan. Hesse stresses that he is in the dark on whether Apple will offer LTE in the next gen iPhone, but with the iPad LTE enriched, we see no reason Apple won’t drop this little nugget our way.

What do you see yourself doing? If Apple finally gives us LTE, and Sprint doesn’t change their No-Strings-Unlimited package, will you jump AT&T or Verizon for the 3rd largest?

Source: CNET