Will You Upgrade? (And Other Interesting iPhone Info.) [Infographic]

  • September 25, 2011 9:02 pm

We do love ourselves a gadget or two here at Gadgetsteria. One other thing that gets our engines purring — infographics. There’s something about small amounts of text describing fancy images that just sooo…interesting even if the data that is used to create such fancy graphics is marginally accurate.

Hop past the break to take a look at a handy infographic in the first part of a three-part series put together by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market), research firm PaidViewpoint, and tech/social site Mashable where everything from the number of apps installed to the most requested features (and more) pertaining to the impending iPhone 5 are covered. Grab a cold one and jump inside…

Via: Mashable


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