Windows 7 Screenshots.

Thanks to Ars Technica on posting some awesome photos of the Windows 7 alpha that is floating around.  Some points of interest are the task bar and start bar are vastly different.  No more text descriptions (thank god).  Icons replace the aging text method.  The oh so old side bar /sarcasm is being retired at the ripe old age of 2.  Instead of gadgets finding a home on the sidebar, they will now reside on the desktop.  You can view through windows to sneek a peek at your desktop for quick information.  Are you always looking for that missing file…can’t remember where you saved the stupid thing?  Libraries is a move in a new direction for Microsoft in that it in explorer you can view files independently from where they are actually stored…a precursor to WinFS.  Some other changes include a re-worked menu system, and a quick preview mode which makes all windows except the current window “glass” so you can look at info quickly without actually clicking on a window.  While I am more of a Mac fan myself, these new screenshots definitely get the geek inside of me excited for Redmonds next OS.  Check out the screenshots below.

source: ars techinica