WTF Special Edition: The “Steel Clean Soap Stainless Steel Hnad Odor Remover Bar”….what!?

by Mike
Posted February 5th, 2010 at 9:47 am

Want a gag edition stocking stuffer? Perhaps a shiny “special” piece of coal for that disobedient child? From both ends of the spectrum to everything in between the “Steel Clean Soap Stainless Steel Hand Odor Remover” is without a doubt the weirdest concept I’ve ever seen. The first thought that comes to mind: “damn, leave some words for the rest of the internet…” Likewise?

According to the packaging, a little warm water, some stainless steel scrubbing and 30-60 seconds of your time are all that are needed to transform your hands from pungent fists of fury to completely neutral and unassuming. Does it work? For only $3.69 it’s cheap enough I wouldn’t mind throwing a few dollars that way. Then again, it’s extremely low price has me questioning it’s build quality. Steel itself isn’t exactly a dirt cheap commodity.

As for making your hands smell less like ass, I’m a tad hesitant. The last time I picked up some bare metal, stainless steel or not, “neutral” wasn’t exactly the scent that came to mind.

Get ‘em while they’re hot cold…

[Product Page: UX Sight]


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