Xbox 360 arcade cabinet mixes old school/new school


Back in the budding years of video games, the kings of the gaming world were arcade games.  The big hulking cabinets took up a ton of space while also emptying your wallet faster than though humanly possible.  The last decade has seen arcaded and arcade games slowly disppear from the lime light as home consoles have begun taking the gaming market inside their living rooms.  With today’s “eye candy” generation, people want to see the best graphics and have fun.  Generally speaking, arcade games aren’t exactly the pinnicle of eye-candy.  Even in today’s world with all of the high tech gaming technology that we have, arcade games still come out looking like a Sega Dreamcast at best.  SoloMods doesn’t think arcade gaming is quite dead yet.  Instead they are chosing to embrace the new while throwing in a little bit of old school gaming by introducing the Xbox 360 arcade console.  This behemoth is an Xbox 360 not-so-stuffed in a gargantuan cabinet along with WiFi, 60GB hard drive, display, volume control, and two working joysticks all for a cool $2,250.  So, if you have the space…and the money for such a thing hit up Solomods and claim your new creation.  Click on through for another picture of the new relic.


Source: Slippery Brick, Technabob, Engadget, SoloMods