Xbox Live Users Finally Starting To Feel Effects Of LulzSec Final Release?

Despite claims by Microsoft that hacker group LulzSec’s “Final Release”, which contained an assortment of various credentials and private information for various websites and services, didn’t penetrate their defenses, a new account by GamerTell writer PJ Hruschak signals otherwise. PJ received an email from Microsoft confirming his purchase of 4,000 Microsoft Points for $49.99. The problem: PJ didn’t order any Microsoft points and in fact, hadn’t logged into his XBL account in over a month. A quick check by actually logging into his account ruled out a phishing email attempt. Shortly afterwards, PJ started seeing several notifications within XLB alerting him to Xbox Live maintenance and user account disconnects ultimately causing PJ to Microsoft about the matter.

The above happened late yesterday, July 6th. Today on July 7th Microsoft has responded by crediting his account $49.99 though failing to provide any further details as to why he was charged. It’s very well possible that it was a routine error on Microsoft’s part. They happen. But coming in the form that it did in the middle of one of the most *publicly* active years for hacking does cause us to question Microsoft’s silent approach.

So we ask you dear reader, have you noticed any hokey activity on your Xbox Live account as of late — especially after the whole 50 days of Lulz?

An email has been sent Microsoft’s way. As usual, we’ll update you once we hear anything.
Via: GamerTell

  • Mark C

    Same happened to me. 4000 points then 6000 points, then transferred to an email of [email protected]; I got pwn’d. Already called microsoft and they are investigating the issue…..

  • Andrew Scofield

    Same here, I just got an email from Microsoft saying thank you for your purchase of 6000 Microsoft points! What is happening?

  • Christopher Howsare

    my account got nailed for 4000 ms points and then 6000 ms points while i was on my xbox redeeming a code for a map pack. needless to say i am fighting the charges and disputing them with microsoft and xbox. Nothing quite like getting 125 dollars charged to my paypal before I have to cancel my agreement with xbox because their system wont let me remove my paypal info.