Zune 4.0 kills “squirting”?

Can you imagine a world without squirting? While many die hard Zune users and honest to goodness geeks stayed up until the wee hours of the morning waiting for the Zune 4.0 software, others retired to their sleeping chambers ready to conquer another day. The reason for the all nighter of course was the release of the Zune 4.0 software. With the 4.0 update comes many new features (and removal of some) such as device apps with more to come, download-to-own, and “Smart DJ” playlists to name a few. However, a casualty has appeared to show up this morning. The often mocked “squirting” feature that allowed two Zune users to wirelessly share a DRM laiden song has reportedly been yanked. Why remove such a feature that not too long ago Microsoft put big marketing behind? Eh? Beats me, but, when I used my Zune daily for a good year long stint, I never once used it. So in reality it probably won’t be missed by many. Still, it’s sad that the new Zune is removing features isn’t it? Sound off, do you already find yourself shaking because you can’t squirt?

**BTW…anyone care to clarify or confirm this feature is really gone?

Source: Engadget, Cnet, Image Source